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Hello I'm from Brazil.

I bought the digital version at incube8, fun game, I loved it.

I got stuck in one place, I couldn't get out.

Your game is super fun, charming, and funny! I love the characters and the story. Now, I want to go eat some dumplings. Haha :)

I'm so buying this when it becomes available!

Fantastic unique style and charm. Such a shame it can't be purchased any longer.


Thanks! It will be available very soon!

Whats the difference between this version and the paid version on


The paid version has three times the content, an overhauled story, many new levels, an extended soundtrack, etc. (basically more of everything)

The free version was done for a competition, so was done during a short amount of time.

And how can a digital (!) edition be "sold out"? Because that's what it says currently. I don't get it, why is this happening to so many games? Same with Shapeshifter 1 & 2. This way a few buyers enjoy them and then the game disappears from planet earth forever, which is a shame. I would have gladly purchased the digital version as well.


The game isn't even out, yet. There was a problem with the game boxes, so the release was delayed. It will come out in the upcoming weeks, though.

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Then I apologise, although it's pretty bad from a UX perspective to write "SOLD OUT" (instead of something like "Pre-Order") underneath the product imho but I guess this isn't your fault. :) Looking forward to your release.

Edit: Well, apparently they changed it now. Also I subscribed to the mail notification to get an alert when it's out. :)

I liked the game, by the way, can you make it compatible with original gameboy or make it a gbc file so I can play it on the VC for 3ds


Hi, thanks! Sadly the game runs very poorly on the original Game Boy, so I made it GBC-only. If you need a .gbc file, you can just rename it, .gb and .gbc are basically the same.


oh, ok I didn't know that gb and gbc were the same. I changed the file extension to gbc and I was able to use ultimate gbc vc injector for 3ds and it works. thanks.


Loved this game.  Loved the music.  Especially loved the platformer overworld of the village itself.  

Had some glitch issue with the final boss fight, but a reset brought me right back to where I left off and was able to finish  without further problems. 

Thanks so much for playing! There might be some news coming soon for Dango Dash. :)

Woohoo! Can’t wait! 


It's one of the best GB/GBC games that I've played in the last years: good genre mix,  great charakter and level design, nice sprites, funny dialogs, good music, good scripted level  actions and a fresh storry setting!

Thanks a lot for your comment! There will be some news for Dango Dash in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned. :)

Super, thank you!

It's a very good game. It's impressive how you managed to make a very long game! The only think I'd need is to know how to save the game... 

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment! :)

The game saves automatically whenever you finish a level.

Ok thanks, I didn't try to play again. 

It seems like it doesn't save in HTML...

Im Def Voting for this one as winner :D


Thanks so much, that means a lot! πŸ˜„

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That is, if i figure out where the vote tab is... :|

found it.......


im dumb.


This game oozes so much charm it's magical! The art, the music, the writing, it's wonderful all around. I wanna buy Dango merch. :D

Haha, that would be amazing! I'd start with a physical release, if I get the chance, but who knows. πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much for your comment!


Very fun! Only played for a little bit just now, but I'm curious enough to want to finish it. :-)

Thanks a lot, Binji! 😊


Great art! Fun to play. Gratz on a job well done!

Thanks a lot! 😁


Very cool game! Is the engine custom made?
Also I found a bug: When in mom's basement, I died to a monster, and got brought back to the ninja fight (the first boss)

Thanks! It was made in GB Studio 3.0 alpha, so it has some features (and some bugs) that are not in 2.0.

I'll look into that bug, thanks for the heads up. 😊

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I also had that happen to me. But I am really enjoying this game. It's very charming and the pacing from story to game play is very well crafted.

It's great how it quickly changes it up from moment to moment. One minute you are exploring, the next you're platforming, and then solving puzzles and then in a boss fight (the first boss was really fun!) Your hard work and careful consideration really shows.

The soundtrack is just fantastic as well. Scott Semanski's tunes never fail to impress me.

Well done and congratulations on creating such a great game!

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Wow, thanks so much! 😊

Btw. I hope you keep playing, cause the game just starts after the cave level and becomes more open. 

Rad! Yep, I will be putting it on my EZ flash and playing to completion for sure. :)


Lovely looking game, very polished congrats, fantastic music too!


Thanks so much, Joel! It was a lot of fun to work on this game, so I really appreciate the feedback. 😊


The unique color palette really makes this game stand out. The graphics are quite good too.

Then the gameplay. It's awesome! Really fun. And so much charm and polish. I feel bad for the kid though. His parents are awful :(


Thanks a lot, Max! It's a rare case where the limitations elevated the concept. 😊


This is amazing!!! Every piece of it feels so well polished :)

Thanks so much!